Now it's easy to PLAY & simulate your business cases feasibility making data driven decisions 



Take a holistic view and simulate your business performance , analysing and testing which key organizational- operational & IT factors when changed can optimise your products and services in terms of throughtput, cost and efficiency



Predict how business performance will be affected in a near real time environment simulating future scenario cases




Interactive and customisable simulation models enable teams to play REALISTIC end-to-end the business scenarion cases , evaluating in a risk free environment how team decisions affect the business and operational performance.


A cloud based educational approach


Predict future behaviour today










Analyse real life business scenario cases


Simulate how change will effect your daily business performanace. By converting real business data to statistical patters PLAY gives you a 360 degree realistic view of your Organizational - Operational & Services performance. 


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Educate your team


Get a stonger process awareness across your teams by simulating your daily business as it happens.


An interactive simulation model enable you predict the behaviour of your process performance under different situations.


Using key elements of LEAN and 6 Sigma, trainees learn how to recognise business patterns, taking data driven decisions in a training envornment


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Predict the business effect of your decisions 





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